What should I do if I'm experiencing slow filtration?

A slower filtration time is very likely just the result of some air getting stuck in the filter and can likely be resolved through simple troubleshooting:


  • Soak your filter on its side in water for 15 minutes.


  • Give the filter a few gentle squeezes while it is soaking to release any trapped air bubbles, as shown in the video below. When done properly, you should see air bubbles leaving the filter. In some cases, your filter may also float due to the air trapped inside (also shown in the video):



  • If that does not work, try repeating the above steps one more time to get all of the air out and resolve the issue.


While this has impacted a very small portion of our customer base, we are sorry you have to take extra steps, and understand how frustrating this is. If you need further assistance, please just send a video over so we can check on that for you and make sure you’re taken care of.


Meanwhile, our product development team is hard at work to eliminate this issue completely by improving airflow through the filter. We want to make sure you get back to having a simple process that improves your health and the taste of your water.

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