How do I give the gift of Soma?

If you'd like to buy Soma as a gift, please place your order and be sure to check the "THIS IS A GIFT" box during checkout.

When gifting:

  • You can select when and where the package will be shipped.
  • You can include a personalized message for your gift recipient .
  • Your gift recipient will receive the personalized message in an email, the day after their Soma is delivered.
  • We'll still send the filters you gifted in 2-month intervals, but filter deliveries will *not* extend beyond the filters included in the original gift.
    • (Example: I bought my parents the $59 plan for a Soma with 1 pre-paid filter. They'll receive the Soma + 1st filter, and the gift message, but no recurring filters. If they'd like to buy their own subscription, they can do so at any time at
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