Water between the Glass Carafe and the reservoir?

Please first check that the silicone ring, which is placed at the tip of the conical reservoir, is in the proper “wings up” orientation (see below). When placed properly, the ring creates a seal between the carafe and reservoir, preventing water leakage between the reservoir and glass carafe.

Next, make sure your Soma hasn't been overfilled -- adding more than two fills of the upper chamber can cause water to be pushed up past that silicone ring, and then leak out during pouring. 

Please also make sure you avoid washing that ring in the dishwasher, as high temperatures can cause distortion and, thus, compromise it. 

Finally, make sure your filter is pushed firmly into the bottom of the reservoir after it clicks in.

If you still have trouble, please let us know! We want to make sure your Soma is up and running properly.


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